Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hello Belly!!

16 Weeks!!!

16 Weeks!!!

Just a quick illustration of why this is the first belly picture I've gotten in four months of pregnancy! (Oh and excuse the rats nest of what is my hair. I took these today just after we got back from a picnic in the park with our lovely friends the Longs. And anything outdoors always involves a whole lotta' running around after Levi!).

Anyway, Photo one...starting off well, a semi-acceptable belly shot in some good light. Photo two...wow, even a front shot, I'm on a roll today! And finally, photo three...the reason why hardly any belly pictures happen this pregnancy...a two and four year old at my feet!

I have gotten a couple of cute shots earlier on this pregnancy, but seriously, in every one there's either Levi's head, Dakota's finger in my belly button, or a vital body part cut off.

This belly popped out literally over night. I've had a little bump since about 12 weeks, but from the beginning of 15 weeks to the end of the week, I would have to say it went from barely noticeable to a beautiful, full moon round belly! This is my third pregnancy and every single time I am astonished at how quickly this happens. Over the weekend I got my first and second, "When are you due?" questions. And my first, "You're glowing!" compliment. That is always music to a mama's ears. Especially coming out of a horrifically hard first trimester when I only felt like I looked like death itself and felt physically even worse.

The really awesome part of this time of pregnancy; the movements! I've been feeling this baby since 10.5 weeks. Just like my son. And just like my son, this one is a very calm mover. I feel him or her maybe once or twice a day and most everytime they are very quiet, fluid movements. Whenever he or she moves, it reminds me of a ballet dancer; soft and gentle. Completely unlike my daughter who was a major squirmer from the beginning!

I commemorated the "arrival of the belly" with something that always makes my heart sing...a shopping trip to Anthropologie!!! And I've got to say, I am thoroughly enjoying dressing this belly up. I consider this era the "fun part" of pregnancy. Not so little that no one knows you're pregnant, but not so big that you can barely fit through the door! Just right.


Pamela said...

How exciting! Thanks for posting pictures. You look so beautiful! Also, glad your feeling better!

Tamara said...

Alternately titled "Hello BEAUTY!" Truly beautiful 'rats nest' and all!

Isabel said...

Oh Cor you are glowing and so beautiful!!! Your body was made for babies :) Seriously you look so adorably perfect!!

Miss you friend and hope to see you and your cute lil kiddos really soon! xoxo

Bevy Boo Boo said...

Lovely lovely! Congratulations!

Nicole said...

You look fabulous! I was so excited to see that little bump the other day!! Can't wait to see you next week friend! xoxo

Housefairy said...

Congratulations!!!! You look so gorgeous, was I the only puke dog pale whale mam on the entire internets??? hahaha

Kristin Jo said...

I love that peach shirt & I did not realize you were having such a hard 1st trimester...bleh...I remember those days all too vividly. Power months are upon you, though--aren't the the best, really?

Christy said...

You're absolutley BEAUTIFUL pregnant! Perfect in everyway for having babies and a family.Love ya lot's hope you're all doing well!

Tiffany said...

As a long time reader of your other blog as well, I just wanted to stop by and say its too bad that there are such sick people in the world that ruin the small things such as sharinf pictures of our children. Hope all is well